Playa Parguito

is one of the favorite beaches of the surfer. "Pegue" "Flote" "aéreo"(air) "360"(full circle) etc. are some of the words heard in Parguito; along with others like "glass"(self explanatory), "Choppy"(likewise) and "picado"(real choppy) which describes the state of the sea.

Parguito is a 'live' beach: wide beach with calm water; medium beach with rolling waves; high water (season of hurricanes, which in Margarita (thank whatever) are tropical storms) and the waves can be "choppy" etc.

A good walk starts at the right hand side of the beach, by climbing the hill and following the path. You are leaving Parguito and going towards "Puerto Abajo"

Along this walk can be found a series of caves known only by the more adventurous (and caution is advised). One of them is called "The Witches Cave", so called since the Colonial times, because a witch hid there from the Conquistadores and their faith.

The story ends with the witch changing into a fish, strange and black. Many people have said they have seen its shadow in the water.

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Pictures/Text by Gisela Sanchez Tinoco