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Posada Mediterraneo - Los Roques

"When I first arrived to Los Roques, in 94, I felt in love with the place, which is unique in the world. Its beaches of whit sand, its spectaculars lagoons of thousand shades of blue, its peacefulness and the possibility of getting away from real life for as long as one likes."

"I moved from Italy and decided to built a house to live and be a host to people from all over the world. I thought of a beautiful and comfortable house whit a strong Mediterranean touch to remain me my origins, but I did not what anything fancy like you could find in all the other Caribbean Islands., that is how born the idea of a social area absolutely charming, a library full of books in all languages, that clients from all over the world left on for other people to read during their vacations, and open terrace whit a sofa to seat and talk watching the stars at night and breakfast and dinner served in one big table were all guests can mingle to taste an exquisite 100% homemade food."

Posada Mediterraneo is located at Los Roques Island, Venezuela, is the ideal place for anyone looking to enjoy relaxing vacations away from the world.

Our installations and services include:
  • 6 comfortable rooms with air conditioned, roof fan, privet bath and security box.

  • Mediterranean style lobby.

  • Exquisite food from our own kitchen.

  • Dinning room, porch and terrace.

  • Library.

  • Private boat.

  • Ice maker.

  • We guaranty a standard of comfort with a 5.000 Lts water reservoir of drinking water, an emergency electric plant and a privet desalinization plant.

  • We speak French, English and Italian.

  • Room service.

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Matrimonial Room



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Breakfast room

Matrimonial Room

Matrimonial Room

Matrimonial Room

Private Boat

Warao indians in a curiara
Castell in Los Roques

Program 1 Day Los Roques inkl. Boatstrip (Option Catamaran)

The flight starts between 6:00 am and 7:30 am (dependence on the airline) during the flight they will offer you a light breakfast.

After one hour flight you come to los roques from the airplane you will see like 200 little rocks and islands and the sea has all the blues and turkeys you can imagine. The plane comes down in gran roque (the main island) from there you start the trip in a catamaran or in a normal boat (this also dependence on the airline) from there you will visit a few islands and beaches from where you can take a bath or sunbath.

Warao indians in a curiara
blue clear water on the island
On a big reef you can realize snorkel, the equipment is including. You will really enjoy the amazing seaworld there, a lot of coral, fish, lobster and all what you can imaging. After that you enjoy your lunch, non alcoholic drinks are also including. Then you can enjoy another while on the beach. In the afternoon is the flight back.

You will be on the porlamar airport at 5:30 pm aprox.


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