The only argument about this unforgettable testament to the wonders of nature centres around it's precise measurement. At anywhere between 807 and 970 metres in height there is little doubt of it's impact on travellers worldwide. Indeed, who can fail to be impressed looking up nearly a kilometre at this torrent of water cascading freely from the peak of the imposing Auyan Tepui?

The tour sets off early morning from Ciudad Bolivar airport following a comfortable night in the local Hotel Colonial. This scenic flight reveals a fascinating terrain where the Guri lake glints peacefully amidst a lush landscape. Then in the blink of an eye it can transform itself into a quasi moonscape where the occassional tepui reveals itself in a manner reminiscent of the alien contact centre in Spielberg's "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" - brooding, stark and enigmatic. This is Canaima National Park, home to the Pemon Indians, Canaima village and a central lagoon into which several waterfalls empty along the nearby Rio Caroni.From the beach by the lagoon it's a spectacular sight. We take the canoe for a closer look before a short trek to El Sapo falls. Here we can enjoy the experience of walking behind a glittering curtain of water - just like in the movies!

Warao indians in a curiara
Canaima Salto El Sapo
That night we sleep in beds or hammocks before the 50 k.m trip by canoe and on foot to the Angel Falls itself. The good news is that the boat has an engine and covers the vast majority of this undertaking...

The falls are situated in the middle of the huge Auyan tepui, at 700 k.m square the largest in the Gran Sabana.

We navigate up river before appearing to become surrounded by towering rocky columns. Air and water have combined to carve and create strange sculptures that fire the imagination. It's easy to lose yourself in this other worldly enviroment before being jolted back to life as suddenly, there she is ... the world's longest single drop of water.

This endless silver braid seems to fall down from the sky, Angel Falls are indeed one of the wonders of the planet. We trek through the jungle to a vantage point right under the waterfall. After a day like this it's fitting that we spend the night here in hammocks to savour the unique enviroment. So unique in fact that 77% of the 800 or more species of plants that live in this landscape cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The journey back down river on the third day is fast, wet and very exciting as we forge a path through rapids and perhaps the most spectacular scenery in Venezuela.

On the flight back to Ciudad Bolivar we again look down on the serpentine rivers, lush jungle and Pemon Indian settlements only this time they appear to be less foreign. We can now survey this kingdom with a satisfying sense of familiarity. All tours include food, transportation,multi lingual guides and accomodation.

Angel Falls 3 day's – Fly, Canoe and Trek for a Close Up

Day 1 : Leave early morning from Ciudad Bolivar airport for Canaima. Canoe trip across Canaima lagoon to view her waterfalls before lunch. Excursion to El Sapo and Sappito Falls and dinner back at camp. Evening trip to the beach by Hacha Falls.

Day 2 : Set off in a canoe for Camp Isla Raton. First view of Falls. Swim by wishing well waterfalls and short trip around Mayupa rapids. Hike to the base of Angel Falls.

Day 3 : Head back to Canaima village to check arts and crafts. Afternoon scenic flight back to Ciudad Bolivar

Excursions to Canaima could be arranged as you like. The above description is only a excample.
From Caracas, Margarita Island, Tucupita, Orinoco Delta, Los Roques and any where else.

Full Day Canaima and Angel Falls from Margarita Island

Warao indians in a curiara
Salto el Sapo

Pick up at your hotel 06:00 am to Porlamar airport, 07:30 am flight to Canaima, breakfast is served during the flight.

Approximately 02 hours until we reach the Auyan Tepui (table mountains) where Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world is located. Over flight and landing in Canaima National Park. The excursion starts with a boat trip through the lagoon from Canaima.

Warao indians in a curiara
Canaima Overflight

We will pass next to 8 water falls. On the other side of the lagoon we will take a 25 minutes hike to Sapo Water Fall, walk through it on the rocks. Back to the camp Lunch is served and to the handcrafted art shop.

Back to Margarita Island at 5:30 pm.

To combine the Delta and Canaima we offer 1 Night / 2 Days Orinoco Delta - Canaima Excursion; only from Margarita Island.

Angel Falls Full Day from Ciudad Bolivar – All in One Bird´s Eye View

Early morning flight from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima. Canoe by Canaima lagoon to view her various waterfalls. Excursion to El Sapo falls and jungle walk before lunch. Afternoon scenic overflight of the Angel Falls and back to Ciudad Bolivar.

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