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Venezuela Needs To Work

Chavez strategic mistake was in confronting the U.S. and to make things worse comes September, 11. Bad strategy, bad timing, and global politics.

Chavez fell into a hole and the fat cats of Venezuela are up in arms to bury him. Given the chance he will adjust his position of "democracy, the west, and global politics". Venezuelan radio, television, and the press are launching an unprecedented campaign to oust him.

This is dividing the country for the first time and creating violence that is new to Venezuela. Let us not forget that Chavez won the election by land slide. This country has plenty to offer and an important role to play in South America and the world.

We can not afford to waste time and energy running around the streets of Caracas creating problems, provoking the authorities,and calling for national strikes. No government will tolerate and allow such behavior. We need to work and produce.

Think Venezuela - January 2003


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