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Venezuela has plenty of places to visit and there are thousands of things to do in this beautiful country. However, most of the travel agencies in Venezuela offer standard trips, e.g. to the Orinoco Delta, Canaima, Los Llanos or Merida. If you are not yet sure which places you want to visit, check our Major Attracions page for ideas.


This search engine helps you to find a local tour operator in Venezuela. You can look for names, cities or tours. If you are interested in a certain type of tour, type the keyword in the field "Tours" and click on Get it! to see a list of operators specializing in this trip.

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Why The Orinoco River Delta ? ...The Orinoco River Delta.....

Delta - Canaima
There are several popular waterfalls in Canaima such as Salto El Sapo......

Los Roques
The archipelago of Los Roques is probably the best known of Venezuela's Caribbean islands .....

Roraima Mountains
Upon descending Roraima we normally celebrate and rest up in St Elena >>

Gran Sabana - Highlands
Situated south of the AuyŠn-Tepui, Gran Sabana - Kavac is an additional base from which to visit the Angel Falls ...