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About us

Dear visitor. After almost 6 years on line and surviving the dot com crash http://think-venezuela.net is taking a new turn in its approach to tourism in Venezuela. Our policy has been a No Involvement Policy. We provided the information and you made your decisions on what hotel you want to stay in, which airline you want to take, and what excursion sounds good.

After receiving over 4000 e-mails from our site guest's inquiring and asking for our recommendations and if we can organize their trips, we decided to step in. In edition to our extensive information we added a new section,

Travel Center

Excursions Orinocodelta
Excursion Canaima
Excursion Roraima
Excursion Los Roques
Venezuela Circuits

offering hand picked and carefully selected excursions and destinations in this land of outstanding beauty, Venezuela. We also created a new site specially for Margarita Island with hotels and excursions, http://exploremargarita.com.

Our objective of this site is clear and simple. To provide you with the latest and most useful information that will help make your visit to Venezuela easy and memorable, and by organizing your trip from the minute you arrive in Caracas or Margarita Island. We have been very careful in our examination of each hotel, airline, transport, guide, guest house, restaurant, camp, and excursion to make sure that they meet our expectations and most important of all, yours.
We talked to owners, waiters, guides, and even to pilots to design our excursions and added a twist of adventure to distinguish them from what is common.

We wish you a pleasant stay and welcome to Venezuela
Contact us with your comments

Report about any problems and errors to: our E-mail
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  • Orinocodelta
    Why The Orinoco River Delta ?

    Delta - Canaima
    There are several popular waterfalls...

    Los Roques
    The archipelago of Los Roques is probably the best known.. .....

    Roraima Mountains
    Upon descending Roraima we normally celebrate ..

    Gran Sabana - Highlands
    Situated south of the Auyán-Tepui, Gran Sabana - Kavac...

    Margarita Island
    Orinoco Delta