Playa El Agua / Margarita

Click to enlargeThe "In Place" for national and international tourists. The Water: (El Agua) 3 kms long. Water, beach, restaurants and a lot more. Its name came from the number of ponds and wells which over time have faded away.

Click to enlargeHere you can find everything to have a good time. There is no village of "El Agua", but there is a organized community which has been and is concerned about the area.

Click to enlargePlaya El Agua has an international community, German, French, Italian etc. which has added its flavour. Playa El Agua is perhaps the most visited area on the island, the most known and the most popular. It's a small world within a world.

Click to enlargeIn Playa El Agua and its outskirts (from Paraguachi to Manzanillo) you can find everything necessary, and the superflous as well without the need to travel much.

Click to enlargeBe careful while in the water. Keep close to the shore since there is undertow and you may find yourself dragged out. If this happens, let yourself float a bit and try to get out from the side. Don't fight against the current because tiredness may overcome you.


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Text by Gisela Sanchez Tinoco