Web Page Design

Our web page design is completely orientated to the needs of our customers. We create the pages online, so you can see the progress on your page at any moment and changes or additions can be quickly made.

A detailed design can be given by you, or you just give us the information and our team makes sure you get the design you want in the shortest time possible.

The prices for design and programming of web pages are influenced by many factors, so each project must be analyzed individually. However we can provide you with a list of the basic services.

Basic page with up to 6 pages (Texts must be provided in electronic form), Java Script Menu, 1 E-Mail Form, Up to 24 Pictures (incl. scanning), Design and layout according to your corporate identity. US$ 350.-
Additional HTML-Page US$ 25.-
Additional Form Mailer e.t.c. US$ 35.-
Other Features (Database, ASP, CGI, Perl, Animations, Graphics e.t.c.) on request

Please contact us at sales@think-venezuela.net if you require any further information.

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